At Tree of Life counselling, clients have access to a range of counselling services.

Like the simple tree, our lives are an ongoing journey of different seasons where we may experience loss, and then new growth as part of the cycle of life. We create and experience new and different things in our life through our interactions with those we share relationships with, whether for short seasons or for longer seasons.

Like the leaves of the willow tree, we sometimes feel as if we cannot hold ourselves up, perhaps because of something painful that has happened to us. The leaves of the willow tree may be weeping, but the inner strength of the tree stands firm. The tree’s ability to thrive even under challenging circumstances is symbolic of our hope for each client. Even through great loss, the ability to grow and learn from the pain of loss remains as sturdy as the trunk of the willow tree and this represents the client’s inner strength.

Based on this philosophy, clients are encouraged and supported to tap into their inner strengths to engage in the healing work involved in processing traumatic experiences, explore and resolve problems that interfere with their current functioning, set goals and identify what they need to find their preferred way of being.






Dr. Chipo McNichols
Registered Psychologist #2410


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